2019 Fitness Goals

The new year has arrived and we all are looking to set some sort of fitness goals. If you are not setting and goals you will likely not get where you want to go. I would set up your goals as follows

1) Specific: What is it you exactly what to do? For example it could be run my first 5k

2) Measurable: How are you going to measure it. For example run my first 5k in under 30 min

3) Actionable: How are you going to accomplish this? I will work with a coach to help hold me accountable to meet my goal

4) Reasonable: Is running a 5k reasonable, for most of the population it is if you do not have pre existing medical conditions.

5) Timely: You would not be going from the couch to run a 5k in 1 week.

I have found that all fitness related goals be weight lose, event planning you always need to set a goal. I would recommend that you always seek out a fitness professional and get medical clearance before starting any exercise program.

Happy New year and any question please feel free to ask.