San Diego Online Corporate Health Coaching

Many Americans have a pattern of work, work, and more work. This isn’t healthy and when you are stuck in this cycle, both employee and employer suffer. Too many hours at work fuelled by caffeinated drinks and empty-calorie snacks is a recipe for failure. When employees are overworked, stressed, and don’t take care of themselves, they become less productive, less creative, and less innovative. As a consequence, companies may lose thousands of dollars in sick leave and health care costs. It doesn’t have to be this way – take the steps to encourage wellness in the workplace.

San Diego Online Corporate Health Coaching

Break the Cycle with Corporate Health Coaching

Upper management who care about their workforce (and bottom line) should consider hiring a San Diego online corporate health coaching service. A corporate health coach can advise you on how to create a workspace that is less stressful, more healthy, and better balanced. This could involve any of the following:

  • Change the types of snacks and drinks available at the workplace. Stock the office pantry with healthy foods and drinks that nourish and hydrate.
  • Provide easy access to exercise opportunities such as a lunchtime yoga class or a lunchtime running group.
  • Offer educational seminars that teach employees how to attain a better life-work balance.
  • Motivate the workforce to adopt healthy habits and giving them the tools necessary to maintain mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

About Mark Rago, Health Coach

If you think that online corporate health coaching might benefit the people in your company, please contact Mark Rago. Mark is a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. He has an MBA from USD and has successfully mentored clients remotely and in person. Contact Mark for corporate health coaching consultation.

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