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About Online Personal Training

Online personal training is relatively new but with the emergence of COVID-19, online coaching is quickly becoming an essential service for those who need help with their fitness routine. An online personal trainer is someone who coaches you in your fitness and/or nutritional program using virtual, online platforms such as text, email, or video conferencing.

Who Uses an Online Personal Trainer?

Men and women of all ages can achieve their fitness goals with the help of a San Diego online personal trainer.  Although Mark Rago and his team are based in San Diego, you can live anywhere and still access the online resources with a smartphone or computer.

San Diego Online personal trainer

What Does an Online Personal Trainer Do?

To understand what an online personal trainer can do for you, contact Mark Rago for a free, 1-hour meeting. Do you have a specific target like completing a marathon or triathlon? Do you want to maintain good health or increase endurance/strength? Your trainer will create a program that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Your coach will monitor your progress on a weekly basis.  Once every two weeks, you will meet virtually to discuss your progress and fine-tune your training program to better suit your needs.

Benefits of Online Training

Flexible: An online training program is flexible: you do your exercises anywhere and at any time that works for you. This level of freedom allows people to stay on the training program because they never “miss” an exercise class.

Affordable: An online personal trainer costs only a fraction of what an in-personal trainer would cost. With the use of videos, training apps, and video conferencing, the whole process is streamlined and much more cost-effective.

Accountable: You have options as to when and where you train, but you do need to train. Your online trainer monitors your progress so there is no excuse for slacking off.  Your trainer will keep you committed to your exercise program and make you accountable for your actions.

A San Diego online personal trainer is effective and affordable.

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