San Diego Training Systems Wellness Discussion of Mindset

Today let’s briefly discuss the application of racing mindset. What is that exactly, it is the mental portion of any race or fun event that you are doing. How does it apply to your everyday activity? This mindset is needed for example I have a client getting ready for a 60K ultra run in Bryce Canyon in 1 week as I discussed last week, part of his challenge is not only being able to physically be up to the challenge but mentally as well. We have discussed the length of the course and how long he will be out there which is going to be about 14 hours for him to complete this course. He took the time to actually go to the course and pre run it. He knows all the areas that mentally he had trouble with he now has the tools to overcome doubt, the self talk in his head of let’s just quit and the urge to give up. He now is prepped and mentally knows the course layout and can overcome the tough areas. This is just as important as the physical training for anything you do in life.

1) Duration: Physically he is ready as he has put the miles and time in
2) Mentally: You need to also train your mental stamina to make the duration
3) Volume: Did you put those long days into the race prep to help with the mental prep

Each of us is different when it comes to races of events that we are doing. Using myself as an example I had to DNF at Leadville 100 in 2009. I had prepared for this race for 9 months, I felt I was ready, however I had some mechanical issues with my bike at mile 50 and rode until mile 75 and at that aid station I quit.

My whole lower body hurt and mentally I had checked out at mile 60, could I have gone on? That is a question I ask myself still today. My escape however is my bike was not working so that is my excuse. I did in 2013 attempt the race again, and completed it in 10:30 min. Mentally I know the course and all the areas that would be tough. Mentally ready and overcame cold conditions and could live in the moment of the race.

Mental prep or mindset is very important for all things we do whether it is your first 5k or full Ironman event.

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Mark Rago