What is HITT Exercise Training

Confused by the HITT exercise fitness craze? Here are some basic facts that can help you understand how to incorporate this into your normal fitness plans. HITT training is a anaerobic based exercise and does burn a significant amount of calories. However they are Carbohydrate based calories and that is great for your body to utilize, but you also need to mix in a blend of aerobic based exercises 3 to 4 times a week to make sure you are teaching your body to burn fat based fuels.

The question you ask yourself is how do I know what my aerobic base is? That is a simple but hard question to answer. I would suggest that at least 3 days a week you are exercising at a Rate of Perceived exertion of no more than a 6/10 for at least 30 min. The motto is to go slow to go fast.

You can additionally get tested metabolically, and you will have the results that will show you how to apply that to your weekly routine. Anymore questions just call us at 858-945-3695